Care2Lead – Team edition

The Team edition of the Care2Lead development program is not a training or a workshop. It’s an experience. The 2-day evidence-based program is the ultimate team-building adventure that promises to equip attendees with the foundational skills and techniques that will revolutionize the way they lead their teams. Leaders who go through the program will not only learn and practice the science and art of building trust and creating psychological safety, but they’ll also take the relationships with their fellow leaders to a whole new level. The program is based on years of research and hands-on practical experience and is the perfect leadership development initiative to improve organizational culture and drive high performance.

For further information about the program, refer to the section below:

Who is the program facilitator?

The Program is facilitated by Islam Adra, a globally recognized safety influencer with over 15 years of international experience as a senior leader across several Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. Described as a communication guru by many who have worked with him, Islam is a talented and engaging public speaker who has an ability to capture audiences from all walks of life ranging from corporate and union leader executives to workers on the shop floor and Ministers of State. Having successfully led large teams throughout his career and coupled with his PhD work on leadership, Islam has the practical experience as well as the theoretical knowledgebase to deliver an evidence-based leadership program that is designed to impact and transform.

Who is the Care2Lead Program intended for?

The Team Edition of the Care2Lead program is a leadership development course and team-building experience packaged into one. It’s as powerful as the original Care2Lead program from a content perspective but it’s loaded with relevant and inspirational activities that not only enforce the learning objectives, but also build relationships and uncover deeper meanings about the self. The program is ideal for team members who really want to take the team dynamics to the next level and is applicable to leaders at any level of the organization in both low and high-risk settings.

What is covered in the program?

Like the original Care2Lead program, the Team Edition covers the fundamental building blocks required by any leader to establish trust with the people they lead and to create a safe environment where everybody feels comfortable being themselves. It also presents safety as a transformative force that can lead to high performance in all business functions. Beyond all of this, the program is strategically filled with deep, insightful, and fun activities that are meant to strengthen bonds between members of any group.

What is not covered in the program?

Unlike other safety leadership programs, this course does not cover technical safety topics like the legal requirements and responsibilities of leaders, hazard identification and control, or workplace inspections and accident investigations. Rather, this program demonstrates how safety can be strategically used to turn-around organizational performance and positively transform corporate culture.

What is the length of the program?

The Team Edition of the Care2Lead Program is a 2-day program that is delivered face-to-face or online.

How do we ensure the knowledge and skills learned in the program are not forgotten?

The common disadvantage with training programs is that learners will tend to forget most of what they learned within the first couple of weeks following the training. Beyond the charismatic and engaging delivery of the Care2Lead program, there are several strategies and post-training programs that are co-developed with attendees to ensure the program “sticks” and habits are developed.

Can the Care2Lead Program be tailored to our company needs?

Yes, the program can be customized to incorporate company and context-specific requirements to ensure that it is as effective and impactful as possible.

What language is the Care2Lead Program delivered in?

The Care2Lead Program can be delivered in multiple languages including English, French, and Arabic.